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Oily skin is prone to acne, black heads, white heads and other skin problems and it is very important to take extra care. Oily skin also tends to be very sensitive, so it’s important to follow a good skincare routine.

I have oily skin myself and these 6 amazing skin care products have worked wonders for my skin.

Here’s a breakdown of all the products listed in the video:

1) Cetaphil Cleansing Lotion : Rs 344/-
2) Himalaya Neem Face Wash : Rs 100/-
3) Nivea Sunscreen : Rs 278/-
4) Richfeel Scrub : Rs 299/-
5) Fab India Tea Tree Toner : Rs 240/-
6) Neutrogena Oil Free Moisturiser : Rs 349/- 

Taskeen Chunawala

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  1. This is a quick and insightful study. I`m recommending this acne guide “fito shocking plan” (Google it) to my friend who will begin their acne treatments to obtain a clearer skin. Very much enjoyed reading this and loved the awareness into how my inside problems could affect my skin.

  2. Can you please give me the link to buy cetaphil cleanser in online.? Or can you let me know where do I get this products in shops!

  3. where I will get cetaphil cleanser,rich feel scrub,nivea suncare,Neutrogena moisture and fab India tonner

  4. Hey.. I wanted to ask about the night time routine for oily skin.. Is it that I should follow the routine you told at night too leaving sunscreen obvio..

    Once in the morning…
    What about the noon time
    What should I do for that time..
    It’s obvious
    That I need to wash my face in the noon.. Should it be like plain water only…
    Please please please help me out…

  5. Great video ! I am a beautician working with so many cosmetics I never was satisfied with any cream for my face,
    but I tried Mastani Face Cream. I always suggest to buy the products from Amruta Pharma as it’s natural and very effective.
    u also give review for this herbal product.

  6. pura procedure bataye kiske baad kya lagana hai ….roj ke liye ….cleaning toning kya subah roj karna h

  7. This acne guide “fito shocking plan” (Google it) will give you clear, short and all sorts of details you`ll need. I finally comprehend what`s behind my acne outbreak at age of 40+! Now I understand what acne cure I need to choose after I read this guide.

  8. hi.. taskeen I love de way u explain in detail… 😊I hav oily skin for 15 days my face luks fair den again nxt 15days it bcum dull I consulted a doctor too skin specialist he suggested me a sunscreen lotion but while I do makeup I can’t apply any foundation nor concealer so I need a good moisturiser… b4 I was using lakme peach milk Wen I apply my face used to luk full black… so I request u to suggest me a moisturiser Pls😣

  9. my skin is combination skin like my forehead to my nose area it’s totally oily and the reaming cheeks n thin are dry so,can I use this products ? please, say me!!!

  10. hi i have search Rich feel orance alamond scrub in amazon,,naayka flipkart thier is no available out of stock which scrub can i use please tell me