4 Tips To Control Your Oily Face And Reduce Shine | How To Reduce Oil

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In this video men’s style, fitness and grooming expert, Aaron Marino of shows you 4 ways to reduce the amount of oil your face is producing. Learn how to reduce and eliminate a shiny greasy face with a simple trick. If you reduce the oil your face produce you will have fewer pimples and breakouts.

The oil that our body produces keeps our skin healthy, but too much of a good thing can lead to breakouts, blemishes, and a greasy looking face. Aaron Marino of alpha m. is hooking all the oily faced dudes up in this video.

How to Reduce Oil Production:
1. Washing your face often can strip oil, but then your smart body goes into oil production overdrive. Solution: only wash your face two times a day.
2. If your cleanser is super harsh, your oil glands go gang-busters to replenish the oils. Solution: use a mild cleanser.
3. If you are too aggressive when washing your face, your body thinks it has to produce a ton of oil. Solution: wash your face nice-and-easy. Also make sure you don’t wash your face in super hot temperatures which can damage skin. Go mild, warm, and gentle.
4. If you aren’t using the right moisturizer, it won’t be absorbed easily or quickly and is not water soluble. Solution: use a moisturizer that is absorbed easily, quickly, and is water soluble.

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  1. Here people, if you have really oily skin, buy an organic arrowroot powder to apply it on your face after you moisturizered. This is the best non-toxic DIY face powder. Thank me later

  2. Guys you should try vicks vaporub for oily skin and acne. Works wonders but it’s a tad hard to remove if you use a large amount

  3. since people love to speculate about the proper use of the ass gasket flap I’m gonna start throwing this out there

  4. I’ve got extremely oily skin. I do in fact wash my face twice a day but through out the day I have to use towels to wipe my face to strip the oils. If I leave it on then my face gets extremely shiny it doesn’t look nice

  5. I’ve never had skin problems am 19 male just started getting pimples start of this year and I got few at the same time. since I’ve started using face wash and non-comegenic moisturiser for my face they’ve gone yet my face is left with red marks and some are dark. Could this be hormonal? It’s ever since facial hair has been growing on my face that this has been happening and btw I don’t mean a beard I’ve just started having initial facial hair growing around my sideburns chin

  6. If I can only wash twice a day what can I do if I feel my skin is dirty/oily between the time.

  7. I’m doing everything wrong 😥😥😥 I use toilet sheets when I don’t have oil sheets lol

  8. My forehead is extremely oily where my friends would tell me to stop moving for them to see their reflection 😧😢

  9. I only clean my face at night and just rinse in the morning and my ass shit still oily I hate my skin I only use step 1 of proactive wtf

  10. I recently learnes bout mens facial cleansing cloths i just bought the a-zone mens cleansing cloth for 3.99 for 60 wet cloths oh yeah baby .