3 STEPS To CLEAR SKIN In 1 Week (For Combination To Oily Skin)

Healthy Skin Tip: Shingles is a left over version of the chicken pox. If you find that you are one of the many that suffer from shingles, remember that shingles is contagious and the areas should be covered and do not let anyone touch the affected areas. Stress or extreme illness can trigger shingles.
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(I really didn’t expect this to get so much views, I just wanted to share how important it is to learn to take better care of our skin.
For me this is the way I do it and it is safe and effective to keep my active skin from getting extreme break outs. This method is easy, this is what everyone does, it may seem like “duhh.. everyone knows how to do that” but really.. not everyone knows everything like you do.
This works for a majority of skin types but if you have severe skin problems then please consult with a doctor. And I am not a doctor, obviously. ^__^
Also please bare in mind, this was a very highly requested topic from a lot of my younger viewers from around the world especially asians and a lot of them are young and may not understand english very well. So I made this video in as simple english as possible.

*If you are a skin care professional, Doctor etc. Please do bring it to my attention if I am doing anything wrong in this video because I don’t want to promote people to do anything that is wrong. 🙂 Thank you very much for your time! )

29th NOV, 2013
Hello friends, follow this skin care routine and my tips to improve your skin in just 1 week. This skin care routine is best for people with acne prone skin, oily to combination skin. This really works if you are using the right skin care products for your skin type. Please keep in mind that by using high end and expensive skin care products doesn’t mean that you will have better skin. It is more about if it is the right product for your skin type and also if you are doing it the right way. If you are someone like me who has normal skin or dry skin with few acnes popping up from time to time then you can do exactly what I do here to maintain and prevent your skin from further damage.

I went to a beauty school to learn about beauty and skin but that wasn’t really helping until I started learning more by reading and re-searching a lot about skin by my own. I find it really interesting to know more and more about skin and learn why and how we can damage or repair our skin. I have helped some of my friends and even my sister who had a lot of acne and her skin is so much better now because she/ they followed this skin care routine and my advices. I’m not saying that I am a pro but I have seen amazing results with this and makes me really happy to hear from them. I cannot come and check each one of your skin and suggest the right products or skin care routine for you because it is impossible but through this video, maybe I could give you my advices and knowledge. Thats why I made this video in hope that if this could help you too.

However, if you want to follow or not, you’d be doing this at your own risk so please do not blame me if something goes wrong. Because this is just what I have learned throughout my journey of life till now with trial and errors. So ya.. I am very happy to share it with you and hope to help some of you out there.

Thank you very much for watching!
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Products I used:
Cetaphill Cleanser and Moisturising lotion
Garnier Pink Radiance face wash
Sponge bought from Daiso (Japanese store)
SKYNDOR Clear Balance gel toner

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  1. guys i really need help my skin is bad espicially the side of my face is red and has lumps!! i use cleanser and aloe vera moisture everyday and sometimes ill use the bha blackhead but nothing works

  2. heyy nice video :)) can u help me as well??
    I have deep black heads on my face especially on the cheeks and they are a lot they are pretty deep and people can see them from a distance it doesn’t look good at all :(( please help me as well I try to squeeze them out but that makes the skin red I wanna have completely clear skin so please help hope u replyy

  3. This is amazing I was looking for exactly this video; my face is a real mess cuz i never really gave a damn care to it but my biggest problem right now are my dark circles i literally look like a panda, it would be so cool if you can make a video on getting rid of dark circles you’re eye area is so beautiful. Also can i use aloe vera gel for cleansing?

  4. I natural have really good skin and I still like to take care of it cuz I want to achieve that …u know perfect “korean” baby skin lol
    and I swear this really helped me a lot to achieve it

  5. Hi Gdippa i m india ..i m huge fan of urs ..i really like your post specially dat of skin care routine ..really u admire me a lot ..i do hav skin problems i hope this will help me ..